About Our Initiative

About Rebel-OS…
Rebel-OS.com was designed to fill a gap left when the Linux community gained members that didn’t understand what ‘community’ meant, and abandoned the sense of community for the possibility of jumping on a new bandwagon in hopes of striking gold.

We wanted a place where people could come together and learn about Linux, Open Source, and the issues that surround us.

What We Are – (and what we’re not)…

We try to provide valuable information. Sometimes we’ll reprint something we see elsewhere, but more importantly, we invite the members of the community to write about their experiences for others to learn from.

We will guide you to resources that we have found valuable both technically and philosophically.

We do not offer technical advice, per se…Nor, do we have a file download area. While we realise that this is important to many members of the community, it’s just simply not our focus.