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Summer time has come yet again. Will it mean that now every day someone will be missing from the office as the fact that on most occasions most of the staff is out on the same day? During the summer months, the increase in employees’ time off happens for many reasons.

The school is out; this is why it is also the ideal time for a family vacation. A lot of business houses are there who find that they are short staffed because they were not able to manage the requests for time off. An organization can take some basic steps which can be used to help enhance the summer time employee shortage.

As an organization, you should have a time off policy which is able to highlight the steps to manage the requests of time off. It should also be able to explain as to who can receive paid time off benefits and how those benefits are earned.

You can also take into consideration these important points which can be covered in the policy;

Is it necessary for you to take a leave from work? In what way can you formally request for a leave if you need to be away from work.

How To Initiate The Method So That You Can Request Leave from Work

A major procedure for requesting a letter of absence from work is by discussing your position with your manager. It will be necessary for you to fill out a time off request form which can be addressed to your direct manager.

In this letter, you should provide:

   Why you need a leave of absence

   What you can do to help prepare for your absence (examples: offering to remain available for questions during your absence, training your replacement and even in writing a detailed handbook of your daily work processes.)

   The Vacation request forms should also mention the dates of departure and return to work that you are anticipating

   You can also request your supervisor to help you to negotiate the reasons for your time off process with senior management

   When this meeting is complete with your supervisor, you should follow up this conversation with a written request for a leave of absence so that the formal leave of absence process can be initiated.

   A policy for requesting leaves from work, which will be able to highlight the reasons for which a leave may be granted, should include the number of days for which an employee can go on leave. If a policy is in place, it becomes necessary for you to ensure that everyone is adhering to those guidelines for requesting a leave of absence.

What to Include in Your Formal Letter

When you go to request a formal leave of absence, your letter should include:

o    Apply for a  leave of absence

o    The dates on which you contemplate to be away from work

o    The date when you plan to return to work

o    An offer to provide assistance

o    Thanks for considering your request

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